Of all of Zeek's projects, he is best known for music. His ZEEKtheFREAK project was a well-known name in the Noord-Holland province of the Netherlands. This project was started in 1996 and is still active to date.


Other musical projects are Zeek D'Accoustique, the acoustic side of ZEEKtheFREAK. My Celtic Faith, his Scottish folk/rock, and a new musical project, Insanity Suits, created with Lennaert Roomer (Frostbyte from the freaks) and Lars Vrasdonk (from Fill Bloom).



The zany side that Zeek has had since he was a child can still be seen through his tabloid, The Fools Funnybone.
This tabloid is a fake newspaper, as most of the stories are from his head and invented—also all the advertisements, quizzes etc. The first three editions are accessible online, and he is working on the fourth.


Apart from the Fools Funnybone, Zeek has always been a writer of short stories. Did write a short book in 1980 called Who Stole A Cigarette from Nigel. A wacky novel about 70-year-old hippies who still lived and acted like it was the 1960s. The cigarette in question was not about narcotics but a standard cigarette.


Zeek is working on a children's book with an artist Karin Verduin from Alkmaar. The book will be short stories with a learning aspect for young children. He hopes to have this book published sometime within a few years.


Zeek also writes short stories and poems where he uses his vivid imagination.


Zeek creates his own art collages, which interpret what is going on in his mind. Some are extreme, and some are funny. He calls this artwork: F'Art, not to be confused with the anal sound, but it is short for Freak Art...yeah right!


The charity scene has always been close to his heart, and in 1999 he created and organised, The Feelgood Festival.
This festival was created for local bands in Alkmaar to play for a large audience and collect money for the local Children's hospital.
He worked there for four years before handing the project over to others to continue his work. To this day, the festival is still held annually.


Zeek is working on a new charitable festival which he hopes will raise money for starting musicians.

This festival will be called: Rolling Back the Cheese and will feature bands from the 1990s who played live around the time the ZEEKtheFREAK project started.

Dodgy B'tards Promotions

Along with his Music/entertainment company Zeek Productions, Zeek has a publicity department he comically named Dodgy B'Tards Promotions. This name was created as a wink towards how many cowboys and gold-diggers there are in the entertainment publicity world.

Out of the ashes of The Infamous Idiotic Label, Zeek created a new record label for his music and, hopefully, that of other bands.
Happy Psycho records the name is taken from a previous ZEEKtheFREAK song: the Happy Psycho.

Happy Psycho records

Other Projects

Zeek has appeared in many theatre pieces, including a parade and stage appearances and even had a cameo appearance in the major Dutch film 'Huisvrouwen bestaan niet' (Housewives don't exist). He is known for being a bit of a raving Thespian. From an early age, Zeek was 6 when he appeared in a local drama society's production of Mary Poppins. He has also appeared as Dracula and an SM master in the Foolmoon Festival in Alkmaar.


He has also worked twice as a compére at a Dutch metal festival.


Apart from his music and writing projects, Zeek is an avid photographer. He produces photos via his Zeek Production Company.

Nature and Landscape shots are among his favourite ones to shoot, but his favourite subject is the moon, which he is fascinated about.

He also meditates, ponders philosophy, and creates philosophical and motivational quotes.

Album Releases

August 2020

ZEEKtheFREAK singles album

To coincide with his 62nd birthday and to close this chapter of the band's history, Zeek has decided to release a singles album. The album will contain singles and a few B sides.  Available for download at                                                   or at ZEEKtheFREAK webshop

July 2018

Spaced Out on Planet Bizarre


Spaced Out 0n Planet Bizarre

is still available
available @: 

and on the ZEEKtheFREAK website 

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